Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Institute | BLU-U®
Led by Dr. Diana Parnell, dermatology practice located in Marin County, CA offering the latest in medical and cosmetic dermatology
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The BLU-U laser is used in conjunction with Levulan (delta aminolevulinic acid) to provide a treatment called Photodynamic Therapy or PDT. It is used to treat pre-malignant actinic keratoses, acne and aging skin (facial rejuvenation).


Levulan makes the skin more sensitive to the wavelength of visible light emitted by the BLU-U. Levulan is absorbed by the upper layer of skin and is broken down to protophryin IX, a precursor of red blood cells and a very potent photosensitizer. When exposed to blue light, free oxygen radicals that damage cells are released. This mechanism of action can reverse pre-malignant changes. It also kills p.acnes, the primary bacteria responsible for acne.


The area to be treated is cleansed and Levulan is applied. Approximately one hour later, it is washed off and the area is exposed to the BLU-U for approximately 16 minutes. Patients generally notice a mild stinging sensation. A sunscreen is applied prior to leaving the office. However, the patient must remain indoors and avoid strong halogen, fluorescent, and visible (outdoor) light for 36-48 hours because available sunscreens do not protect against visible light. Visible light can cause a severe burn. Some redness and mild swelling are normal after treatment and subside within a couple of days.


The average patient requires 3-4 treatments, but this may vary depending on the problem being treated and the severity of the skin condition.

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